A Great Way to Have Fun

The biggest thing that every student should keep in mind is that it never hurts to relax. (Although, relaxation in moderation is key.) I love to find little spaces on and off campus to relax and enjoy a few spare minutes in the day. A regular thing that I do to relax and have a little fun in between classes is to visit the main floor of the Holmes Student Center, I can always find someone that I know there that I can sit and talk with and occasionally have an impromptu study group with. Most times I can find groups of students that are involved in similar, if not the same, organizations as I am who will make five minutes of fun feel like an hour of stress relief. I love to take advantage of the different theme days in the Huskie Den to have a little fun while on a budget but most of all I love on campus events. Organizations that I am involved in or are close to put on a lot of great events for students seven days out of the week. Some times the events are informative programs while other events could be competitions, exhibition shows, or just over all social events. Some of the events hosted by the orgs are free and if they aren’t free the money goes back to helping that org put on more great event and often times to charity as well. My favorite week of events so far has been homecoming events because there were great events put on by multiple groups on campus. Yell Like Hell was a great show, the National Pan-Hellenic Council’s annual step show gave the campus a way to participate in Greek life, and the competition known as Lip Sync hosed by Phi Rho Eta Fraternity, Inc. is always fun. But if your looking for something that is always free, check out a regular season home game of any of our athletics teams. I favor the football games, but either way GO HUSKIES! Off campus I love to try new restaurants and of course shop on Sycamore. By far my favorite restaurant is Egg Haven followed by the Huddle as a close second.


Because I spend so much time on campus at night it is really important that I do what it takes to stay safe. I make sure that I am always with at least one other person so that I am never walking alone, I am aware of my surroundings by not being distracted with electronics while out and about, and I utilize my resources like Late Night Ride (815-753-2222) or Student Huskie Patrol (815-753-9658) when I’m not driving.  After having the opportunity to sit down with Police Chief Phillips I was happy to hear that the precautions I take are ones that really can help me be safe in life in general. Chief Phillips did help me to realize that my lovely smart phone is something that can make a target when I’m out and about anywhere. He reminded me how important it is to keep the distractions put away and focus on getting to my destination while monitoring my surroundings.


Get out there and try something new and exciting! There could never be a better time than the present to experience all that NIU and DeKalb has to offer you!!! But always make sure that you pay attention to your own safety.


Until Next Time,



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