THE Internship

When asked to consider an engaged learning activity that has impacted me I would have to say my time spent with future full-time employer. I interned with them twice as a part of their college program. My first year in the program I felt like I learned a lot but the second year I learned even more. As a second year intern I felt a lot more pressure to perform and exceed the high expectations placed on me by my mentors. I had no idea the challenges that I would face but I learned so much during my time at my store. The management threw every challenge at me that I could ever imagine but it made me a stronger person and an even stronger professional. I really learned to leverage the teams and partnerships around me and to trust in my core skills. More than anything I learned how to manage. Going through my second year was hard and a lot of work, but I wouldn’t change the people or the experience for the world. Every second made me a better Ariel. 

Recently I took on the challenge of becoming a mentor. With everything that I already have on my plate, taking on a mentee was quite an undertaking. But I hope that with time I will build a better relationship with my mentee and have an amazing impact on her life in order to help shape her into an even better young woman than what she is today. But in order to succeed at being her mentor I have to put my best forward and remember the little things that helped me grow and develop. The best part about my mentee is that I know that I can learn as much from her as she can learn from me.

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