The Start of a New Year

This year has got off to a CRAZY start! I am currently taking seventeen credit hours, juggling my various involvement activities, and preparing to start work. I am currently taking a six classes this semester from the areas of political science, geography, and sociology. I must say that I am the most excited about taking Social Problems. It’s within an area of Soc that I have never taken before and because of that it’s more interesting. We have the opportunity to study problems that impact us as people ranging from race, environment, hunger, etc. My teacher for the class is also my major adviser so think that is an extra plus as well. In the future I don’t have very many classes left to take. I will have one semester left after this one and at that point all of my gen ed classes will be complete and all I will have is one class left for my major and one class left for my minor. I’m honestly excited to complete my major. I am in love with everything that I learn in my classroom but I am ready to feel that unbelievable feeling accomplishment that happens when you complete your degree program. Although I am excited to complete my program, no class will ever amount to Soc 170 with Bonnie Jensen. Oh when times were that simple!

The most interesting thing that has happened to me so far involved one of my organizations. By chance the previous president stepped down and as a VP I chose to step up. As a senior it was definitely not a part of my plan but I love a good challenge. Already I’m being pushed to adapt and improve my time management skills which will be key in managing all of my responsibilities this semester. What I am most excited about also ties into my organizations again because I am planning a huge event that I can’t wait to see it play out. This is my first time in this position but I am enjoying the challenge and all that I’m learning. 


Until Next Time, 



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